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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dalis Connell Competes At Niswonger Invitational!

This picture is from last season (If it wasn't obvious enough from the blonde hair).

Dalis Connell competed at the Niswonger Foundation Invitational on Friday, January 27th and Saturday, January 28th. The Niswonger Invitational was held on the indoor track at Eastern Tennessee State University (ETSU) in Johnson City, Tennessee. Dalis competed in one event Friday and three events on Saturday. She competed in the Prelims for the 400m on Friday and the Finals for the 800m and 4x400m Relay on Saturday.

On Friday, Dalis broke her previous 400m indoor record of 1:06.87 after receiving time of 1:03.45 and was only two seconds from beating her all-time record of 1:01.98, which she received at the OVC Outdoor Championships in 2011 as a Freshman. She also finished with a time of 2:42.56 in the 800m race as well as a time of 4:18.91 in the 4x400m race.

With her best friend & teammate Brittany at the meet

Showing off her TTU Letterman Jacket for Track

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dalis Connell Is Going Back Blonde!

Dalis Connell is a natural brunette, but she's been going back and fourth between all different shades of blonde and brunette since high school. After being brunette, she dyed her hair blonde in February 2011 before going brunette again in September 2011. She is going to be going back to blonde this February, hoping to have her preferred shade of blonde by March/Spring Break!


Kyle King Turns 24!

Kyle King celebrated his 24th Birthday today! Last night he went out with Maci and a bunch of friends to celebrate at a club!

Maci Bookout Reaches 500,000 Twitter Followers!

On Thursday, Maci Bookout reached 500,000 followers on Twitter. She said she wanted to thank all of her fans for their continued support and that she has the best fans ever!

Maci Bookout Speaks To Students At Kennesaw State University!

On Thursday January, 26th Maci Bookout spoke to students at Kennesaw State University (KSU), a college near Atlanta, Georgia. She talked about her struggles as a teen mother as well as pregnancy prevention. Maci's next college speaking engagement with be at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Help Ryan & Dalis Donate!

By purchasing Scentsy from Ryan & Dalis you will help give back! The first $500 they receive in profit from sales, they will donate to the Ronald McDonald House! The reason they started selling Scentsy in the first place was to give back and donate to charities. So go to and help support a great cause! I said this in a previous post with Maci about the NOH8 Campaign and i'll say it again here, it's great to see them using their fame for something good!

Also, check out this adorable picture Dalis tweeted before of Ryan & Bentley!

NOH8 Photos Released!

Adam Bouska of the NOH8 campaigned released the pictures of Maci Bookout, Kyle King, Kail Lowry and Catelynn Lowell that they took when they were in California! Check them out, they're really great pictures!

Maci Bookout

Kyle King

Maci Bookout & Kyle King

Catelyn Lowell, Kail Lowry & Maci Bookout